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On the Line

A triad of structures reminiscent of hunting huts, symbolic of the concealed positions from which timorous hunters aim at unsuspecting creatures in tranquil meadows. This stark portrayal of human cruelty mirrors the online sphere, where individuals, nestled within the security of their virtual havens, unleash vile will upon others through cyberbullying. Often gendered, men target women, issuing threats of violence, from rape to homicide. In my installation, the charred legs of the towers allude to a past scorching that now fuels their infliction of harm to others. As a metaphor, the towers emanate blackened puddles, a slow-dripping toxin contaminating the communal space, blemishing the shared realm.  The blue light emitted from within is as cold as it is alluring to those connected to the line.
The installation was presented in September 2023 at the Hoopla Press Gallery, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
The production was realized through the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council and the Exhibition Assistance Grant. 
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