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An Awoken Dreamer

I dream that I am hanging on a fence that separates two empty fields. Black dogs attack the fence. They want to hurt me. The gate is open so the dogs are occupying both sides of the fence. So I am hanging there and I am waiting for the dogs to get tired and go away. I am thinking; how long is this going to take…?

The dogs symbolize anger:  My anger. This emotion should protect me. It should let me know if someone wants to violate my boundaries.  Like a watchdog that barks when someone or something is getting too close to a private residence. In my dream, instead of the anger attacking the intruders, it strikes me, as a dog sick with rabies attacks “the hand that feeds him”.  I have lost control over my dogs. “The anger takes me over.”

anger takes you over

"anger takes you over" (50cmx70cm, etching on digital print, 2009)

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